Healing Life’s Hurts Pt 7 – ‘What Forgiveness is NOT’ “C”

HLH pt7Healing Life’s Hurts Pt 7 – ‘What Forgiveness is NOT’ “C” –  What if a major misconception regarding forgiveness is preventing us from actually forgiving someone? What if there is hope to be healed of a long held grip of ‘unforgiveness” in your life? Would you want to know about it? If forgiveness can affect our very soul, physical body and life circumstances, then shouldn’t we know more about it?? Today we continue to dispel some myths about what we ‘thought’ forgiveness is. As these myths unravel, a better and more ‘hope-filled’ understanding of forgiveness will rise to the surface! This series will set you on a pathway to freedom and health! Enjoy!


  1. Forgiveness is not minimizing hurt.
  2. Forgiveness is not the absence of pain or hurts
  3. Forgiveness is not easy
  4. Forgiveness is not TIME:
  5. Forgiveness is not forgetting
  6. Forgiveness is not just a feeling,
  7. Forgiveness is not being naïve or ignoring it
  8. Forgiveness is not justifying, excusing, or explaining away the offence
  9. Forgiveness is not waiting for the other person to repent.
  10. Forgiveness is not a quick fix.
  11. Forgiveness is not telling the offender you forgive them
  12. Forgiveness is not asking God to forgive the offender
  13. Forgiveness is not telling someone you have been hurt.
  14. Forgiveness is not turning the other cheek, (turning a blind eye)
  15. Forgiveness is not ‘just a one time event’
  16. Forgiveness is not letting the person off the hook. (Justice)
  17. Forgiveness is not ‘pardoning’ what they did
  18. Forgiveness is not restoration

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