A God We Can Trust: ‘Reconciled – It Is A Done Deal’ – Part 3

case for trust 3A God We Can Trust: ‘Reconciled – It Is A Done Deal’ – Part 3

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Many people have walked away from ‘god’.  When they describe ‘that god’…I agree with them that I would walk away from that ‘god’ as well.  Today I would like to build a case for “A God We Can Trust’.  Many trust ‘in’ God, but fewer would be honest and say they actually ‘trust God’.  Today we dive into the idea of ‘reconciliation’ or ‘reconciled’.  What do those words mean?  Enjoy as we dig into not only the meaning of those words but also dig into the Scriptures to see what it means for us.  May you find encouragement and increase your ‘hope’ in a God you can trust.  Enjoy.

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