A God We Can Trust: ‘Growing & Progressive Revelation’ – Part 8

case for trust 8A God We Can Trust: ‘Growing & Progressive Revelation’ – Part 8 (*FINAL)

We grow physically in stages and we grow spiritually in stages.  Our journey of growing in grace is about knowing who our Heavenly Father really is.  It is slow and progressive.  False concepts of who God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are replaced with better and more accurate ideas.  Every single person lives their lives based on their perception or concept of who they think God is….and as you grow, your perception gets clearer and better.  What if we can find the same journey in the Bible?  What if from Genesis to Christ, it is a story that reveals the ‘progressive revelation’ of God to those who recorded each of these ancient scripts.  What if the writers wrote from a limited and incomplete understanding hence providing an incomplete and at time incorrect image of who ‘The Father’ is.  I believe this to be true. Buckle up and enjoy this important message that ends with Jesus being the final authority on describing who His Father really is.  Enjoy!

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