SGIG e062 “Finding Hope, Giving Hope” – Francois Du Toit

SGIG e062 “Finding Hope, Giving Hope” – Francois Du Toit

Finding Hope & Giving Hope – Part Five Pursuing ‘rest for the soul’ in times of conflicting information. Join us as we discuss how to stay focused on ‘hope’ when we keeping hearing bad news. What can we focus on instead? I hope you enjoy the conversation with Fracncois Du Toit, as we discuss faith in difficult times and how to find encouragement in the middle of ‘many voices’.

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One thought on “SGIG e062 “Finding Hope, Giving Hope” – Francois Du Toit

  1. Beautiful message Mike. My daughter is 5 and she loves just listening to your voice on sunday morning. I dont know what it is, but she looooves your sermons. She finds them amusing. I find them fully inspired by God , engaging and liberating. Thank you for all you are doing for the real Kingdom of God! The blessings are innumerable!


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