Witness His Majesty: Second Advent, Joseph

Advent season is upon us.  The next four weeks will a time to ‘intentionally’ slow down and focus on the Christmas story.  The video illustrations will be dramatized perspectives from those who may have ‘witnessed’ the Messiah and how they processed what they saw.  Enjoy this special season of Advent.

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SGIG e061 This Is NOT The End Times – Reg Chute

This is ‘not’ the ‘end times’! How many times have you heard others say something about the world coming to and end soon because of all they are seeing going on in the world and in the news. How many times have you heard someone say that the mark of the beast is upon us, or the rapture is about to happen? The next few episodes are going to focus on bringing some HOPE and peace to these worries. Be prepared for a more ‘hope filled’ perspective on ‘end times’

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