SGIG e104 Grace and Grieving – Finding Hope In the Pain – Wm P. Young

Can we find HOPE when we face grief?  Grief comes in many forms; death, divorce, estrangement, lost job or dreams, betrayal, etc.  This series was first aired in December 2019 and we are re-sharing this series as we recognize so many are walking through some difficult times.  The rebroadcast will be a FIVE part series that will lead us into 2022.

This 6 part series is designed to give ‘hope’ to those facing many emotions and situations.   The original links are below. There is much more going on behind the scenes and if we are unaware of it, it could lead to many many years of more pain and misunderstanding.  Brace yourself as we dive into many facets of loss and grief.  The hope is that we will all find permission to grieve the things we have never been given permission to grieve. 

This mini series is only scratching the surface but what you ‘do’ hear… may become an incredible encouragement to help you keep walking through the difficult emotions and circumstances.

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Pre-Session 1 – Part 1 of 2 interview with W.P. Young

Pre-Session 2 –  Part 2 of 2 interview with W.P. Young

Pre-Session 3 – Interview with Brad Jersak

SESSION 1 – Laying A Foundation – W. P. Young

SESSION 2 – Digging Deep To Where It Matters – W. P. Young 

SESSION 3 –  Final Session: There Are So Many Facets 

Grace & Grieving Playlist:

Healing Life’s Hurts Through Understanding Forgiveness


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