Mexico Missions Trip: Update 4

Dear Friends & Family,

We’ve decided to stay in Mexico. Hope you’re all well.

Love Team Flexico

Ok, not really but thank you everyone for your support for us to be here. God is at work.

Yesterday morning we set out towards the El Limon, in the State of Nayarit. Today was the quietest it’s been in the van for five days. You might think, ah yes, the fatigue is setting in. Well, it may be, but that’s not why. Gerardo told us his story of coming to faith. Which can be summarized by a lot of “long story short” (It wasn’t short but it WAS PHENOMENAL!) and he got the girl.  (Insert an eruption of cheers & clapping) Yesterday I said that Gerardo’s rapping increased my respect for him but that’s nothing compared to how I feel about him after hearing his story. Gerardo has such a heart for the people of Mexico. I’m thankful we could share this experience with him.

Also, the drive yesterday was OH MY STARS.  Can’t describe it. Check out this picture.


We passed so many trucks today like this.


Or it seemed we did. In actual fact it was only two trucks, but we kept stopping for washroom breaks.  “Why are there so many mattress trucks on this road? Is there a high demand for mattresses in the village?”

Mike has been the provider of Diet Coke for me(Linda) on this trip. (I’m a bit of an addict but that’s not the point of the story)

Me: I never have to wonder when I’ll get my next Diet Coke. It’s just there.

Mike: It’s like Gods grace. It’s just there.


Also, if you want to freak out Gerardo, just mention you grabbed a taco at the last roadside stand. He is very strict about where we eat. Sadly, it didn’t give me the response I was hoping for. 😉


Flexi-quote of the day:

How will we describe this town?

Avery “Squishy”



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