Living Like Jesus: What Does That Look Like?

LLJL pt 1Living Like Jesus: What Does That Look Like?

Many folks have been told they are supposed to live like Jesus, but have never wisely been told how. Instead, they have been told to ‘copy’ Jesus actions and repeat his words recorded in the Bible. What if this advice falls terribly short of what it means to truly ‘live like Jesus’? For the next few weeks, we are going to dig into a number of key stories from the Gospels that express the heart and attitude of Jesus as he interacted on this earth over 2000 years ago. Today we will look more closely at ‘how’ Jesus lived and hopefully discover a few patterns that we could learn from and apply to our own lives. It may not be what you think, it certainly isn’t ‘W.W.J.D.’…..but rather WHJL + LLJL. I hope you will be encouraged by today’s message

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