Living Like Jesus Lived Pt 4: “Expressing Compassion To The Hurting”

LLJL pt4Living Like Jesus Lived Pt 4: “Expressing Compassion To The Hurting”

Life isn’t about trying to ‘copy’ all the behaviors that Jesus modeled in an attempt to ‘try to be like Jesus’.  Instead, it is about knowing his heart and the source of his love and power.  When we abide in Christ, just like Christ abided in the Father, it is THEN that the life and love of Christ flows out of us with an unconditional outpouring.  Enjoy as we dig into a few stories that seem to reveal how Jesus connected with hurting folks and expressed the compassion of his nature towards them.

  1. Severely crippled woman Luke 13
  2. Widow’s son – Funeral Crasher – Luke 7
  3. Compassion on People ‘without a shepherd’
  4. Compassion on two blind men
  5. Faith of one who understands Authority
  6. Tender touch healing of a leper
  7. Crashing through a roof


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