Living Like Jesus Pt 2: He Just Loved People

LLJL pt 2Living Like Jesus Pt 2: He Just Loved People

If we are to ‘Live Like Jesus Lived’, then we need to know what Jesus meant when he said “as the Father sent me, in the same way, I’m sending you’.    He didn’t mean that we copy cat his behaviour and focus on doing all the things Jesus did.  He meant to abide in Him, just as He abided in His Father.  We are to live the same way, each moment of every day trusting the indwelling Christ to guide, direct, and instruct us on what to do at any given moment.  Yield all that control.  It will look like ‘love’ to anyone observing from the sidelines.

Today we begin a rapid journey through the earthly life of Jesus and high light some of the key stories.  1. Jesus Baptism; 2. Jesus Wilderness experience; 3. Meeting His first disciples; 4. Water into wine miracle; 5.  Money changers; 6. Night visit with Nicodemus.   I hope you will be encouraged by today’s message


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