Living Like Jesus Lived: “His Extra Effort Loving The Overlooked”

LLJL pt3Living Like Jesus Lived Pt3: “His Extra Effort Loving The Overlooked”

Do we avoid the marginalized, or are we drawn towards them in love.  Do we even see them as we go about our day?  Today we will dive into how Jesus “affirmed equality’ of those were not given a voice.  Women.  Enjoy as we explore the compassionate heart of Christ towards women in a way that was absolutely counter-culture to his day.  He didn’t care about counter culture, he was about ‘living from who He was’….. the personification of love.  He had a special ‘heartbeat’ for the broken-hearted, the downcast, the marginalized, the overlooked and the outcasts.  Enjoy todays message of hope!

  1. Woman At The Well
  2. Jesus feet anointed by a woman
  3. Jesus feet anointed by Mary Magdalene
  4. The women who traveled with Jesus
  5. Jarius’s daughter
  6. Woman healed from years of bleeding


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