Day 23: Don’t Forget Your Invitation

A Divine InvitationHave you ever been invited to a formal event where you are required to bring your ‘invitation’?  Have you ever purchased a movie ticket on-line, and then have to print it off and bring it with you to the theatre?  For each event, there is proof that you have a right to be at the ‘occasion’.  The ticket person takes your stub or invitation, and you are allowed to enter.

What would happen if you found out that you have a permanent invitation engraved right on your heart?  What if you realized that you have a permanent and continuous invitation to commune with, chat with, hang out with the living Christ who indwells you right now?

It is possible to forget about the invite, or to get distracted by other ‘good things’?  It happens to me ALL THE TIME.

This “40 Day Faith-bit Grace Journey” has so far been very encouraging. My initial goal was to share a daily thought of how I am recognizing my heavenly Father in the everyday things of life.  As the idea grew, I wanted to share ‘grace truths’ with anyone who happens to be joining me on this journey.

What I have seen so far is this:

  1. A much greater awareness of the presence of Christ in me is increasing as the 40 days progress.
  2. A significant amount of friends and onlookers, reading this blog, are also sharing the mutual benefit of this journey.
  3. I’m finding more and more topics I want to shed a ‘grace lens’ on
  4. Writing every day is VERY VERY VERY VERY difficult. It actually requires time and discipline.
  5. A much greater appreciation for those who write books, it is no easy process and can never be rushed
  6. I’m learning to slow down and not share my initial thoughts. I’m finding writing them down the day before and then giving it more time to percolate.
  7. I don’t ‘feel’ like writing everyday
  8. I’m beginning to have a deeper love and appreciation for my immediate family.
  9. I can hardly wait to finish this 40 day journey so I don’t have to write everyday!! Haha

So today, instead of focusing on having to write, I’m turning my sights and ears toward seeing Him in the people and circumstances around me.  I will look at the ‘invitation’ written on the tablets of my heart and respond to Him alone.

Mike Zenker


A Divine Invitation, by Dr. Steve McVey  


  1. Have you ever been told to journal?
  2. What would be the few things that prevent you from journaling?
  3. Have you ever tried to do something ‘beneficial and spiritual’ that, you focused on the thing instead of ‘Him’.
  4. Is it possible to get distracted from the ‘real relationship’ by things that are very good and important??


Hebrews 12:12  Shake off your weariness, loosen your limbs, catch your breath!  (Get back into faith-mode, quit the flesh-mode) 12:13  Get rid of all obstacles that could possibly cause you to stumble and sprain an ankle! Don’t let a recurrent injury force you out of the race. 1Recover and carry on running. Don’t allow old legalistic mind-sets to trip you up again. 12:14  Pursue peace with all men; true friendship can only be enjoyed in an environment of total forgiveness and innocence. This makes God visible in your life.  12:15  You must understand that this is a grace-race and not a law-race….  (We are all equally included in the same victory in Christ!)  Toit, Francois Du (2014-01-08). Mirror Bible


Breathe – Vineyard Worship from Hungry


Heavenly Father, sometimes I can be so ‘focused’ on trying to follow you.  I can easily get caught up in doing good things.  Please help me to focus on you first, so that the good deeds become an overflow of the passionate relationship we have.

One thought on “Day 23: Don’t Forget Your Invitation

  1. yes writing every day and leaving a comment on the journey daily has not been possible, today i lost the day writing for myself and editing a book for a friend and helping some others & fortunately I had extra time in rising earlier to fall into Father God and see some things through his eyes to not feel bad about the day that got away or weeks with all the theology reading i feel inspired by Dad to be mining into and the other pulls to family etc it is a juggling act of listening and ordering our day around listening and responding to God….ha ha …. this 40D journey Mike is melting the angularities and sharpening the priorities!!!


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