Day 19: YOU Are The Favourite Child

1224828608Thanks to my friend Ken North for today’s Blog submission:

Sometimes I feel like a broken record. I keep repeating the same thing over and over. Why? Because this is SO important… for me, for you… for all. In a nut shell what I am saying today is this … you are loved. But you know what?? Sure, sure … I am loved… loved by God … yadda yadda yadda… heard it before. I could have NEVER comprehended the immensity of this truth had I not gone through the most intensely painful journey, I have just come out of. God is not just some lofty impersonal spiritual being that ‘by chance’ created us, and we are left to flounder looking to Him for guidance. NO… He is all knowing, all loving, and intentionally made us …humans. But wait .. he intentionally made YOU. Yes you … He intentionally made you, and yearns for you to not only know that fact, but for you to know HIM.

Classic existentialism says this, … in the end, we the human being, are alone. We are all confronted by our own complexity, which we try to unravel, but all the while we’re confronted by our own isolation. This is what we eventually learn. It’s why so many lean on faith, a relationship that isn’t dependent on another human being. BUT WAIT. Jesus Christ IS another human being … and not only are we in a relationship with Him, He knows each one of us implicitly … better than you know yourself. AND HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU… no matter what you do or say.   So those who don’t know Christ … even so many who do, yet don’t comprehend His love , suffer and cry out for significance in their life. Read this excerpt from Ted Dekker’s book ‘The Bride Collector’:

” This notion that each human was alone in the world, confronted by the complexity of life. And finding themselves alone, they felt insecure. Not loved the way they should be. Not really wanted. Outcasts. Pretenders on some subtle but profound level. Whether or not they were willing to admit it, all humans were self-contained and alone. The wisest and hardiest among them managed to acknowledge that fact and surpass it. More experienced adults had found ways to cope, but many if not most felt it still. Younger adults suspected it deep in their bones and cried out for significance. Some retreated from that insecurity as matter of survival. Sadly, supportive examples flitted through his mind. A wife who’d been abused as a child, unable to engage her husband in a mutually gratifying sexual relationship because she couldn’t lower the walls of protection she’d built around herself. A man told all his life he didn’t measure up, now safely encased in his own shell, afraid that even those closest to him might learn he really didn’t. Some covered their insecurity by overcompensating with talk, talk, talk. Or food. Or athletics. Or addictions. Or ridiculous behaviour to garner attention.”

Do you not know who you are? You don’t need to feel alone or insecure. You are complete .. but wait … there is more….way more. Do you not know that you are God Almighty’s favourite child???  Do you not know your relative value to God? I am not surprised … so few do.

Hear me out here…. God is almighty, that is unquestionable and understood. He is love. He is an infinite God and His love for every human is ‘inexhaustible’. He is an infinite God and His love is infinite, which is by definition the greatest kind. If he has the greatest love for every single human, he can’t have a lesser love for one of them. They are all his favourite, so to speak. Some would say that favourite means to favour one over the other, but loosely it helps us understand that his full and utter devotion is fixed completely on each one, in the same way one would think of a favourite. …. so you …. are His favourite.

Now live from that knowledge and place !!!!!

Ken North


  1. Do you know the difference between a ‘feeling something is true’, vs ‘knowing something is true?”
  2. What is the difference?
  3. Have you ever wondered that at some deep level within you, more was going on than you could put a finger on?
  4. If someone were to ask you, ‘who are you’, how would you answer?  (*not what you do, but ‘who’ you are)
  5. Do you need to believe God actually loves you?  if so, just ask him to make it very real to you.


Never Ending Love, Peter Furler:


Heavenly Father, Help me to receive and believe your love.  Help me to see and believe you not only love me, but you like me as well.  Show me what ‘love’ is from your perspective, so that I may believe it and live out of your love each day.

One thought on “Day 19: YOU Are The Favourite Child

  1. Thanks Ken
    Well said!
    It is all about allowing Jesus through the Holy Spirit to change our minds, from all the delusions and false images that we have painted onto the face of the Father.


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